How to get more reach on Instagram 2020 -

How to get more reach on Instagram 2020

How to get more reach on Instagram :


According to various studies, we look at the mobile between 80 and 150 times a day. Among the culprits of our close relationship with smartphones are  social networks . And, whether enjoying a concert, at a dinner or during an afternoon of #peliymanta , it is usual to take out the mobile to capture the moment and share it on Instagram. But are you doing well?

“Many users and companies make the mistake of sharing content without taking into account other aspects such as the use of hashtags, the interaction with followers or the type of material they upload to their networks. To have a good engagement – or degree of loyalty with our followers – it is important to pay attention to every detail ”, explains Ana Aldea, global head of datasocial.

If you want to improve your reach on Instagram pay attention to the following recommendations :


1.Make your profile attractive. In the “real” world, making a good first impression is essential. The same goes for social networks. The profile is the letter of introduction to new followers and potential clients. Therefore, an accessible, complete and attractive profile is essential. Select a photo that represents you and an original biography that differentiates you from the rest. Do not forget to add the link to your website to increase traffic. Although many people prefer to keep their profiles private, the truth is that having it open will make it easier for you to reach a greater number of people. Finally, don’t forget to use all the tools that Instagram puts at your disposal, such as the featured stories.

2.Make the most of the hashtags. Surely, on more than one occasion, you have accompanied your publications on networks with hashtags. In case you have not done so, you should consider it, since, according to the global head of datasocial, “they help to amplify the message, they can be customized for each campaign and, in addition, it is possible to quantify their mentions.” Also, use the Most popular hashtags will attract the attention of new followers interested in those tags. Another option is to follow hashtags so that you are up to date with the contents that are published with those tags and do not miss anything.



3.Interact with your followers. The feedback is essential in any relationship, even through social networks. Try to answer the comments of your followers and encourage their participation, asking for advice and inviting them to be part of your content. For example, you can suggest that they upload certain stories by mentioning you and sharing the best ones.


4.Bet on the videos. Most of the Instagram content is made up of photos. However, you may have noticed that videos are increasingly popular. According to a HighQ study, 78% of users consume online videos every week and 55% do so every day. Hence, one of the latest Instagram updates will include the possibility of uploading previously recorded videos with a duration of up to 60 minutes (IGTV). Regarding the videos of your feed , try to make them short and of quality. Do not forget the stories, which have more and more followers.


“Incorporating these simple tips into daily Instagram activity is useful both at the user level and at the company level, by reaching more potential followers / customers and gaining visibility in their respective sectors,” they conclude from data social.

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