Top 10 tools to keep track of your reputation online -

Top 10 tools to keep track of your reputation online

   10 tools to track of your online reputation:

1. Talkwalker Alerts and Free Social Search

Talkwalker’s Free Social Search allows you to get accurate information and indicators about your reputation and brand performance through a simplified dashboard.

  • Analyze commitment, reach, sentiment and volume of mentions

  • Unlimited results for the last 7 days

  • Gives an overview of countries (180) where conversations about your brand and those of your competitors take place

  • Talkwalker Alerts allow you to track all your brand endorsements on the web and social networks. They are truly the cornerstone of your e-reputation management strategy; but above all, they make your life easier. As soon as a mention is detected on the internet you automatically receive a notification. Finally an alternative to Google Alerts!

    It’s easy to set up your alerts: type in the keyword you want to monitor, such as your brand name, and choose your source, language, and how often you want to receive notifications. Best of all, you can use any email address to receive your alerts!

    “Talkwalker alerts are very useful for detecting our brand in the media. I receive an email every day with new results that I could never have detected alone: ​​the monitoring part of my PR job is
    easier. ” Giovanna Sánchez, Associate Communications Manager at BlaBlaCar Mexico

    Pro tip: do not hesitate to use up to 10 Boolean operators to refine your alert

    Price: 100% free (and it will remain so!)


2. IFTTT – If this, then that

IFTTT is a handy application that allows you to link several actions and other apps. Whether it’s sending you an SMS when it’s raining, or turning on the lights in your smart home when your car is approaching your house, anything is possible. The principle is as simple as it is versatile: you choose a channel that triggers an action from another channel. For example, if you like a photo on Facebook (trigger), the photo will be automatically sent to your Dropbox (action).

In short :

  • Combines all channels (more than 300) to keep track of your online reputation
  • If your brand is mentioned on Reddit for example, you receive a message directly on the Slack channel of your team
  • Another idea: you can receive an SMS when there is a new news on your RSS feed Talkwalker

“We chose IFTTT as part of our research around the augmented user experience, in order to perceive future uses for an ever simpler and more personalized journey. It makes it possible to connect train bookings with other users’ applications and the world of home automation “ explains Florian Brunet, Customer Experience Project Manager at on Ouitalk.oui.scnf

Price: free. Also available in mobile app on iOS and Android

3. Go Fish Digital Complaint Search

Thanks to the Go Fish Digital complaint search toolbox it is possible to search negative opinions scattered on 40 websites at the same time. The goal: to observe conversations about your brand and make sure there are no negative experiences around your brand. An action to repeat regularly so as not to miss a dangerous mention that would undermine its reputation.

“This tool is one of the most practical we have. We have developed it to offer a more global vision of a brand’s reputation. Many brands want to settle a single aspect that is problematic in their digital identity. It’s understandable, but knowing the details of the customers and the reasons for their dissatisfaction is a real asset in developing a comprehensive and effective strategy. ” Brian Patterson, Partner at Go Fish Digital.

Price: Go Fish Digital also offers a paid version to track his reputation in more detail

4. ReviewTrackers

Review Trackers is a paid tool that offers great opportunities to locate online reviews of your customers and consumers, through more than 80 sites.

In short :

  • Collect all online reviews on a single dashboard, and receive email reports to stay informed in real time
  • The various reporting functions make it possible to follow the performance of the testimonials in several places
  • Trend Detection in Customer Returns makes it easy to find the topics that most often come back in their conversations

“Our customers have the ability to unlock consumer insights that help them manage their opinions online, improve their online reputation and make the right decisions based on the data in order to boost their business ,” said Chris Campbell CEO of ReviewTrackers in an interview.

Prices start at $ 49 a month for a license.

5. KnowEm

knowem website

KnowEm is a platform that has existed for almost 10 years but has not lost its relevance.

This free service gives you the opportunity to check (through a panel of more than 330 sites and social networks) if the domain name of your brand is available on the internet. And to maintain a consistent brand, KnowEm offers a scan of all your accounts and detects missing or existing ones using your brand name.

“KnowEm’s services are needed by businesses and even celebrities who want to be visible in the social media ecosystem. Using a username may be a real problem for brands and personalities ” Leena Rao , in an article in TechCrunch

Price: the company also offers a paid solution where they register your brand with more than 300 social networks and websites, thus ensuring a presence in the most networks and possible sites. Prices start at $ 84.95 for an individual or $ 249 for a starter-pack business.

6. Raider Image

Image raider website

Image Raider is an online reputation management tool that tracks abuse in the use of your images. Just upload a photo into the platform and Image Raider will scan all its uses on Google, Bing and Yandex to recover your copyrights.

A quick and easy way to manage an important part of your digital identity.

Price: free

7. Yotpo

reputation management yotpo

When other platforms in this list focus on monitoring your brand’s reputation on the internet, Yotpo helps you improve it: by encouraging your customers and consumers to write positive reviews online.

“Yotpo is one of the most powerful tools for rating and / or feedback of products. It has a simple interface and a multitude of features, which can generate more sales ” Fabrice Ducarme , Specialist and WordPress Trainer.

Price: there is a free version and a paid version.

  • The free version – Yotpo lite – allows you to automatically generate and send request e-mail requests after a purchase and create custom widgets to write reviews directly on your site.
  • Depending on the package chosen, the paid version offers many more features such as highlighting reviews via social media campaigns, creating teasers to go up browsers searches and content for Instagram.

8. ReviewPush

reputation management tool reviewpush

ReviewPush is a paid monitoring site but offers a free trial version.

In short :

  • Research new reviews on your business or service through Google, Facebook, Foursquare, Yellow Pages etc.
  • Send automatic notifications by email
  • Class the locations of the stores between them
  • Sends email alerts to which users can respond directly to notifications detected by the platform.
  • ReviewPush also offers basic data analysis to determine the nature (positive or negative) of reviews.

Price: ReviewPush offers a free 30-day trial period. Its prices then go up to $ 49 / month only one place. Price for multiple places on request.

9. Alerti

Alerti is a French tool that offers the following features: monitoring on keywords related to your brand, your sector of activity or your competitors, analysis of global results to evaluate your reputation on the web, identification of ambassadors, influencers and detractors of your company, measuring the performance of your publications, reports …

Price: free

10. Reputology

For around $ 25 a month, Reputology offers a data analytics and email alert service in the event of a negative opinion posted by a user on the internet. Reputology sends out a detailed summary of the consumer’s feedback so that it can react quickly and identify possible improvements. It’s also possible to integrate it into other tools like Hootsuite.

“With the Reputology app you can monitor and query major review sites to interact with users and solve any problem in a timely manner,” explains Clémence Derevel.


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