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What is a lead and how LinkedIn can help you get it

What is a lead: Concept and meaning

It is true that it is an English word and this may have misled you a bit, but there are no excuses. You know that in the digital world anglicisms rule. In addition, by the way, they have a power of seduction that is necessary in Digital Marketing, since they manage to say a lot in a few words.

Translated into Spanish, “lead” is a verb that means to direct, guide, lead. Well, nothing is further from reality, leads – for us – are the perfect tool to guide us towards our clients.

What is a lead in digital marketing? It is neither more nor less than a potential client. And you can know (and know) because it has shown interest in the products or services offered by your company. How? Filling, for example, a survey or form of your web page / blog, requesting additional information. This way, you have your contact information, what else do you want? Take advantage of them!

eye! Leads are potential customers, not current customers. In your hand is to conquer, seduce and attract them to become customers of your company.


What is a lead: How to get them

Once we understand what a lead is, we move on to the next step: how can you get them? The idea is to have a good website or landing page that includes forms in which your potential customers can leave their contact information to receive additional information about your products. Now, in addition, there are many platforms that can help you generate leads and one of them is LinkedIn . Why? Keep reading.





What is a lead: How LinkedIn can help you generate them

I never tire of saying it: LinkedIn is the professional social network par excellence. That is why, as far as lead generation is concerned, it can help you out. I tell you why:

▪ Your potential customers are on LinkedIn. I give you data. LinkedIn has more than  500 million users . Ten million professionals in Spain have a profile in this network and, worldwide, there are almost 15 million company profiles. On LinkedIn you will find all (or almost all) your potential customers, do not hesitate and connect with them.

▪ LinkedIn identifies your target audience. With a proper search on LinkedIn, you will reach the decision makers of your products or services. Think of this as very useful, since you can campaign segmented and targeted to your target audience exclusively.

▪ LinkedIn messages reach the interested person. And they always arrive. With LinkedIn, you can avoid some barriers and directly and personally address who you are interested in. The “secretaries” barriers or calls that are never returned are over.

▪ LinkedIn gives you presence regarding your potential customers. Think that your contacts will see everything you do and say on your LinkedIn profile. What do you publish, what do you recommend, the debates in which you participate. This allows you to create a link between your customers and your company . It is a good showcase.

▪ LinkedIn and SEO. Do you know that the results of LinkedIn are the first ones that appear on Google if someone searches for you as a professional or company? Having an impeccable profile is a good strategy that can help your organic positioning. Yes, as you hear: with a good strategy (take special care to use keywords or keywords on LinkedIn ) you can achieve a spectacular improvement in your positioning in Google.

What is a lead: 5 tips to generate leads with your LinkedIn profile

#one. Take care and keep your profile updated. Think that your LinkedIn profile should convert visits into leads. To do this, you must have a great LinkedIn profile; If you want to know how to get it, you have many posts about it in our blog.

Choose your profile picture well. Use the professional headline to put in a few words the value that your leads can get from you. Take time to write your excerpt, use it to define what you offer and how you can help your potential clients. Your LinkedIn profile is your professional showcase, take care of it!

#two. Define your potential customers. You have to be clear who you are going to, who your target audience is. If you have it well defined, it will be easier for you to search (and find) on LinkedIn.

#3. Use the LinkedIn search tools. I recommend the people search tool using filters. I recognize that it is a bit complex to learn to use, but the results will be worth it.

#4. Do not want to sell first. Think we talk about LinkedIn to generate leads, not to be bought. Let them know you, know what you offer and then, trade agreements close them outside of LinkedIn. Each situation has its stage.

#5. Spend time on your LinkedIn profile. To have a perfect LinkedIn profile it is vital that you dedicate time. See how with just 30 minutes a day, you can make your LinkedIn profile up to date and turn visits into leads.


<a href=”https://triunfaconlinkedin.com/blog-linkedin/que-es-un-lead-y-linkedin/” target=”_blank”><img alt=”https://triunfaconlinkedin.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/organizar-dia-en-linkedin.png” /></a><br />Fuente: <a href=”https://triunfaconlinkedin.com/blog-linkedin/que-es-un-lead-y-linkedin/”>Triunfa con LinkedIn</a>


LinkedIn Lead Ads

Aware of the enormous potential it has for lead generation, LinkedIn has recently released LinkedIn Lead Ads , lead generation forms (if you click on the link, we’ll talk about it in a post).

Is it clear to you what a lead is? What do you think of the idea of ​​getting leads through LinkedIn? Have you ever tried it? I recommend it, it is a great tool for it. Tell me your experience in the comments, I want to read you.

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